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Who is Hermano?

Hermano is a flower driven collective and shop located in Palm Springs, California. This is where we explore the art of arranging flowers and where we welcome our community. We express ourselves through flowers, music, and art; in which we integrate productions and attire for artists, musicians, and just people.


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Kind Words

“This flower shop really has gorgeous flowers like tulips, roses, sunflowers, and a lot more. I'm glad that I've been able to find this shop just in time, and it's been great, because their florist is very amazing. I've got a bouquet of roses right now, and I'm sure my wife will love it! Thank you!”
Hattie M.
“There are so many different flowers there. Some of them are huge. It has a rather exotic appearance. They also market a number of green and flowering plants. The consequence is that the shops imitate jungles. Even in small towns, the selections are nothing short of lavish. It was a fun place to visit! I was drawn in by the flowers and plants. A flower shop that comes highly recommended!”
Selena D.
“Yesterday, I got a very big bunch of beautiful flowers from this flower store. The florist is very imaginative and understands exactly what kind of flowers are appropriate for the occasion. The delivery was on schedule and was very fast. When he was on the road, he called me, which I greatly appreciated. I have been so delighted by the operation! Highly advised!”
Martine S.
“They hand delivered the most stunning arrangement to my mom for her birthday. So happy to not only support a small local business in the desert but also to have been able to send my mom such a unique and artistic arrangement. She was so happy with them, I will be looking for any occasion to send her Hermano Flowers now.”
Carolina K.

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